Wifi Max Wl-685z Driver Download


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a. What is the exact error message?

As suggested try plugging the Dongles into a different USB port and check.

Software - wifi max wl 685z driver. Driver Talent for Network Card, PCTuneUp Free WiFi Hotspot Creator, VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASE (Win32 and Linux). This download link is broken. I need this driver. This download link is broken. I need this driver. Usb Wifi Bluetooth 2 In 1 A. 802 11 N Wlan Driver For. Dongles will not connect PC to the internet. And the WL-685Z WiFi max. I installed the CD Driver for the Wifi Max, and also tried an online driver to no. Driver Download FAQ RMA. WL-685R is the 802.11g Wireless LAN client product from SparkLAN with a data transmission rate up to 54Mbps. Operating in 2.4GHz.

Wifi Max Wl-685z Driver

The Windows operating system might not find a network adapter for which drivers have been installed and enabled if:

  • Information provided to the driver about the network adapter is incorrect.
  • The network adapter is not physically present.
  • The network adapter has experienced a hardware failure.

Verify the status of the Network Adapter in Device Manager:

To perform this procedure, you must have membership in Administrators, or you must have been delegated the appropriate authority.

To use Device Manager to view the status of network adapters:

1. Click Start, type devmgmt.msc in Start Search, and then press ENTER. Twain driver xp download.

2. Click Network adapters in the Device Manager tree, and then verify that the network adapter is present.

3. Right-click the network adapter, and then click Properties.

Wifi Max Wl-685z Driver Download

4. Device Status should indicate: This device is working properly.

Replace or reconfigure the network adapter:

Move the network adapter to a different PCI slot. If moving the network adapter does not fix the problem, you might need to replace the network adapter with a new one and then update the driver.
To perform this procedure, you must have membership in Administrators, or you must have been delegated the appropriate authority.
To use Device Manager to update the network adapter driver:

1. Click Start, type devmgmt.msc in Start Search, and then press ENTER.
2. Expand Network Adapters.

3. Right-click the network adapter, and then click Properties->Under Driver tab click Update Driver.
4. Follow the steps in the Update Driver wizard.

For more information refer the following link:

Update a driver for hardware that isn't working properly



Divya R – Microsoft Support.

Autorun.inf41 bytes21 Jun 2004
Drivers/Windows_2000/ZD11BU2K.SYS328.7 KB17 Aug 2005
Drivers/Windows_2000/ZD11U2K.sys277.0 KB16 Aug 2005
Drivers/Windows_2000/ZD1211BU.CAT8.3 KB10 Aug 2004
Drivers/Windows_2000/ZD1211BU.INF13.9 KB17 Aug 2005
Drivers/Windows_2000/ZD1211U.CAT8.3 KB10 Aug 2004
Drivers/Windows_2000/ZD1211U.inf13.5 KB16 Aug 2005
Drivers/Windows_98/ZD1211BU.INF13.9 KB17 Aug 2005
Drivers/Windows_98/ZD1211BU.SYS329.7 KB17 Aug 2005
Drivers/Windows_98/ZD1211U.inf13.5 KB16 Aug 2005
Drivers/Windows_98/ZD1211U.sys277.5 KB16 Aug 2005
Drivers/Windows_Me/ZD1211BU.INF13.9 KB17 Aug 2005
Drivers/Windows_Me/ZD1211BU.SYS329.7 KB17 Aug 2005
Drivers/Windows_Me/ZD1211U.inf13.5 KB16 Aug 2005
Drivers/Windows_Me/ZD1211U.sys277.5 KB16 Aug 2005
Drivers/Windows_XP/ZD11BU64.sys407.7 KB17 Aug 2005
Drivers/Windows_XP/ZD11BUXP.SYS330.2 KB17 Aug 2005
Drivers/Windows_XP/ZD11U64.sys351.5 KB16 Aug 2005
Drivers/Windows_XP/ZD11UXP.sys278.0 KB16 Aug 2005
Drivers/Windows_XP/ZD1211BU.CAT8.3 KB10 Aug 2004
Drivers/Windows_XP/ZD1211BU.INF13.9 KB17 Aug 2005
Drivers/Windows_XP/ZD1211U.CAT8.3 KB10 Aug 2004
Drivers/Windows_XP/ZD1211U.inf13.5 KB16 Aug 2005
Linux/ZD1211LnxDrv_2_2_0_0.tar.gz368.1 KB28 Oct 2005
MAC/ZDA211MacUSB_install_3_1_0_0.dmg2.6 MB3 Nov 2005
Setup.exe56.3 KB5 Sep 2001
Setup.ini153 bytes20 Oct 2005
Setup.inx138.3 KB20 Oct 2005
data1.cab467.2 KB20 Oct 2005
data1.cab/APP_Executable/KCopy.exe13.3 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/APP_Executable/MFC42.DLL995.4 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/APP_Executable/UNICOWS.DLL245.4 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/APP_Executable/W32BRG55.EXE254.0 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/APP_Executable/W32BRG55.INI1.2 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/APP_Executable/W32BRG55.dll102.4 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/APP_Executable/W32N55.DLL102.4 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/APP_Executable/W32N55.INI1.2 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/APP_Executable/ZDMLa.INI26.9 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/APP_Executable/ZDMLu.INI51.0 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/APP_Executable/ZDWlan.INI1.4 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/APP_Executable/ZDWlan.dll45.1 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/APP_Executable/ZDWlan.exe475.1 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/APP_Executable/ZyDelReg.exe24.6 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/APP_Executable/caroot.pem1.8 KB18 Jun 2015
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data1.cab/APP_Executable/ssleay32.dll155.6 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/App_DLLs/InsDrvZD.dll28.7 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/App_DLLs/InsDrvZD64.DLL15.9 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/DRV_9x/ZD1211BU.SYS329.7 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/DRV_9x/ZD1211U.sys277.5 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/DRV_ME/ZD1211BU.SYS329.7 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/DRV_ME/ZD1211U.sys277.5 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/INF_9x/ZD1211BU.INF14.0 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/INF_9x/ZD1211U.inf13.5 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/RemoveRegistry/ZyDelReg.exe24.6 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/WINDIS_64B_XP/BRGSp50a64.sys29.2 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/WINDIS_64B_XP/ZDPSp50a64.sys31.7 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/WINDIS_9x/BRGSp31.VXD19.5 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/WINDIS_9x/ZDPSp31.VXD15.4 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/WINDIS_9x_50/ZDPNDIS3.VXD15.9 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/WINDIS_BRG_XP2K/BRGSp50.sys20.6 KB18 Jun 2015
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data1.cab/WINDIS_XP2K/ZDPSp50.sys17.7 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/WINDIS_XP2K_50/ZDPNDIS5.SYS17.2 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/Windows_Install/ZD11BU2K.SYS328.7 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/Windows_Install/ZD11BU64.sys407.7 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/Windows_Install/ZD11BUXP.SYS330.2 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/Windows_Install/ZD11U2K.sys277.0 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/Windows_Install/ZD11U64.sys351.5 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/Windows_Install/ZD11UXP.sys278.0 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/Windows_Install/ZD1211BU.CAT8.3 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/Windows_Install/ZD1211BU.INF13.9 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/Windows_Install/ZD1211U.CAT8.3 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/Windows_Install/ZD1211U.inf13.5 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/_Engine_Engine_Files/corecomp.ini28.5 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/_Engine_ScriptEngine/iscript.dll225.3 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/_Engine_SelfRegistering/ctor.dll77.8 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/_Engine_SelfRegistering/iuser.dll176.1 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/_Engine_SelfRegistering/objectps.dll32.8 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/_Support_English_Files/_IsRes.dll258.0 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/_Support_English_String_Tables/value.shl1.2 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/_Support_Non-SelfRegistering/default.pal1.2 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.cab/_Support_Non-SelfRegistering/isrt.dll331.8 KB18 Jun 2015
data1.hdr17.0 KB20 Oct 2005
data2.cab3.1 MB20 Oct 2005
data2.cab/APP_Executable/KCopy.exe13.3 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/APP_Executable/MFC42.DLL995.4 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/APP_Executable/UNICOWS.DLL245.4 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/APP_Executable/W32BRG55.EXE254.0 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/APP_Executable/W32BRG55.INI1.2 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/APP_Executable/W32BRG55.dll102.4 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/APP_Executable/W32N55.DLL102.4 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/APP_Executable/W32N55.INI1.2 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/APP_Executable/ZDMLa.INI26.9 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/APP_Executable/ZDMLu.INI51.0 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/APP_Executable/ZDWlan.INI1.4 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/APP_Executable/ZDWlan.dll45.1 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/APP_Executable/ZDWlan.exe475.1 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/APP_Executable/ZyDelReg.exe24.6 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/APP_Executable/caroot.pem1.8 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/APP_Executable/dot1x_dll.dll208.9 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/APP_Executable/libeay32.dll827.4 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/APP_Executable/msvcr71.dll348.2 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/APP_Executable/openssl.exe254.0 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/APP_Executable/ssleay32.dll155.6 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/App_DLLs/InsDrvZD.dll28.7 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/App_DLLs/InsDrvZD64.DLL15.9 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/DRV_9x/ZD1211BU.SYS329.7 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/DRV_9x/ZD1211U.sys277.5 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/DRV_ME/ZD1211BU.SYS329.7 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/DRV_ME/ZD1211U.sys277.5 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/INF_9x/ZD1211BU.INF14.0 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/INF_9x/ZD1211U.inf13.5 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/RemoveRegistry/ZyDelReg.exe24.6 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/WINDIS_64B_XP/BRGSp50a64.sys29.2 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/WINDIS_64B_XP/ZDPSp50a64.sys31.7 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/WINDIS_9x/BRGSp31.VXD19.5 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/WINDIS_9x/ZDPSp31.VXD15.4 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/WINDIS_9x_50/ZDPNDIS3.VXD15.9 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/WINDIS_BRG_XP2K/BRGSp50.sys20.6 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/WINDIS_DLL_50/ZDPN50.DLL81.9 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/WINDIS_XP2K/ZDPSp50.sys17.7 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/WINDIS_XP2K_50/ZDPNDIS5.SYS17.2 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/Windows_Install/ZD11BU2K.SYS328.7 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/Windows_Install/ZD11BU64.sys407.7 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/Windows_Install/ZD11BUXP.SYS330.2 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/Windows_Install/ZD11U2K.sys277.0 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/Windows_Install/ZD11U64.sys351.5 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/Windows_Install/ZD11UXP.sys278.0 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/Windows_Install/ZD1211BU.CAT8.3 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/Windows_Install/ZD1211BU.INF13.9 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/Windows_Install/ZD1211U.CAT8.3 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/Windows_Install/ZD1211U.inf13.5 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/_Engine_Engine_Files/corecomp.ini28.5 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/_Engine_ScriptEngine/iscript.dll225.3 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/_Engine_SelfRegistering/ctor.dll77.8 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/_Engine_SelfRegistering/iuser.dll176.1 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/_Engine_SelfRegistering/objectps.dll32.8 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/_Support_English_Files/_IsRes.dll258.0 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/_Support_English_String_Tables/value.shl1.2 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/_Support_Non-SelfRegistering/default.pal1.2 KB18 Jun 2015
data2.cab/_Support_Non-SelfRegistering/isrt.dll331.8 KB18 Jun 2015
ikernel.ex_346.6 KB25 Jul 2002
layout.bin417 bytes20 Oct 2005