Via Hd Audio Driver Win7 Download

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Welcome to the VIA Driver Download Portal. To obtain the latest available version of your VIA driver, please follow the steps below. If you are using Windows ® 7, 8, 8.1 or 10, please refer to our Driver & Support FAQ for detailed driver information.


I'm using an ASROCK H61M-HVS with VIA HD onboard audio. Noticed that the default drivers windows installs for it are completely fucked. Enhancements don't work at all, and it keeps defaulting to headphones (front jack) even when you only have speakers plugged in.

To fix;

  1. Right click your start button, click system, and then go to advanced system settings

  2. Go to hardware tab and go to device installation settings

  3. Click no, then click Never install device software, then click okay.

  4. Open Device Manager

  5. Go under the sound field, select VIA HD Audio, and uninstall the driver, then restart your computer.

  6. Go to - download the .diagcab file. (Windows 10 has removed the ability to blacklist updates without using this file)

  7. Go through the steps and choose to ignore the VIA HD Audio update that is queued up.

Via Hd Audio Driver X64 10.1200

Congratulations, your sound drivers now work properly.

Update for Windows 10 Threshold - 15NOV15

  1. Open device manager

  2. Go under Sound, Video, and Game Controllers

  3. Open VIA HD Audio, click uninstall

  4. Click action, scan for new hardware changes

  5. Wait for VIA HD audio to show up again

  6. Open VIA HD Audio, go to second tab

  7. Rollback drivers

  8. Open wushowhide

  9. Blacklist VIA HD Audio update

Via hd audio driver package

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Via Hd Audio Driver

  • AC97 VT1612A
    AC97 VT1613
    AC97 VT1616/B
    AC97 VT1617/A
    AC97 VT1618
    AC97 VT8231
    AC97 VT8251
  • AC97 VT82C686A
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    HD Audio VT1702S
    HD Audio VT1705
    HD Audio VT1708
    HD Audio VT1708A
    HD Audio VT1708B
  • HD Audio VT1708S
    HD Audio VT1716S
    HD Audio VT1718S
    HD Audio VT1802P
    HD Audio VT1812S
    HD Audio VT1818
    HD Audio VT1819S
  • HD Audio VT1828S
    HD Audio VT2002P
    HD Audio VT2010
    HD Audio VT2020S
    HD Audio VT2021
    Vinyl Envy24
    Vinyl Envy24GT
  • Vinyl Envy24HT
    Vinyl Envy24HT-S
    Vinyl Envy24MT
    Vinyl Envy24PT
    Vinyl Tremor