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I have a USB Microsoft Joystick (SideWinder Precision 2) and a USB generic Gamepad (PowerWave-2200) for my PC. The original drivers will not install on my Windows 7 PC, because Windows 7 has decided that it’s “HID-compliant game controller” is the best for the job. While both my USB devices currently does work with limited capacity on most games, the problem is that, where as a real driver (a product specific driver) would have enabled me to control what the buttons on the USB device do, this is not possible through Windows’ “HID-compliant game controller”, there are even functions built in to the USB device that will not work with the “HID-compliant game controller”, such as the PowerWave’s ability to vibrate. However here is the question: As the Windows “HID-compliant game controller” is a generic controller/driver, working with a lot of different USB devices, it would seem that a perfect solution to the problem would be to make it possible to set, or control, the code coming out of the “HID-compliant game controller” – So, does anyone have (or can someone develop) a driver-type program that can allow you to customise (set, control or re-program) the functions interpreted by the “HID-compliant game controller” of the input signals from the USB device? Just to clarify: So, the idea is a train of command as follows: from “USB device” > to “HID-compliant game controller” > to “driver-type program” > to “Game software”.

(Or does anyone know if it is possible to directly access the “HID-compliant game controller” and change its function settings, from behind the scene so to say?)

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Cheers J.N.

Hi Bhottinger,

Microsoft has dropped support for this product. As such there are no drivers available for this product.

However, as per Windows 7 Compatibility Center, Microsoft Sidewinder Joystick is compatible with Windows 7. You can see the report here.

As such, using Windows inbuilt driver check if you can manage to get the device to work. If you have the old driver CD, you can try changing the compatibility settings of the driver to get it to work.

Method 1:

Usually, Windows will find and automatically install the necessary drivers when you plug your game controller into your computer.

a)Connect the Joystick to the USB port through the adapter.

b)See if it gets detected.

Ricoh aficio mp c4500 driver download. c)Windows should recognize the new hardware and set it up to work properly.

Method 2:

Install the old driver that comes along with the product by changing its compatibility settings.Intericad t5 download crack.


Make older programs run in this version of Windows

After running the installation, check if the device works.

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