Sc2 Downloading Data For An Upcoming Patch

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I'm trying to get StarCraft 2 to run, and it installs fine. However, my internet connection is woeful. Is there a way to skip the downloading and patching phase that happens before the game is actually launched?

The page you're viewing is not yet available on the new StarCraft II website. Patch 3.9.0 includes Stukov as a new Co-op Commander.

At the moment it just hangs forever at the 'updating' screen.

Sc2 Downloading Data For An Upcoming Patch

Alternatively, if the patches are available for download somewhere, I could grab them at work and that would be fine too.

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In order to play the game offline, you need to log on at least once. In order to log on, you need to get that first patch. So unfortunately, no I don't think you can play without it. If you want to play online (which includes the single-player campaign if you want achievements etc.) you must always be fully up-to-date with patches, similar to World of Warcraft an other online games.

The patcher itself should have links to technical support sites in case you are having difficulties. You may need to adjust your router, firewall, or peer transfer settings.

Sc2 Downloading Data For An Upcoming Patches

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