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Posted by2 years ago

Jun 22, 2009  there is a english patch for monster hunter portable 2nd g go to n u will see the complete patcher for it. Make sure u have the ISO of monster hunter (not CSO) n download the patch. Put the patch in the PSP/ GAME file n run it. Choose the english version n it will automatically patch most of the game. PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and Wii. Download w/ English Patch Free to Download Monster Hunter 2 DOS for. Monster Hunter G English Patch. Facebook TwitterFor the longest period of time, the Monster Hunter series has been playable on non-HD devices. Despite that, the game still had a charming aesthetic that worked for itself. Monster Hunter G Wii. I'm a great fan of monster hunter tri and i've just discovered that there is this 'monster hunter G' that. I found the English patch. Translation Monster Hunter G (Wii) The Largest Global. In this picture you see that the people translated monster hunter G to english and i guess they use.

Monster Hunter Wii Iso

Hey guys kenma9123 here. I have good news for you. The long wait is over.

Today I'am releasing a working version of Monster Hunter Online English Patch. Yup you got it right, English patch my friend. But before we jump in take time to read.

So why now? well, the encryption was broken a while ago, the thing that was lacking was manpower. The members of TeamHD were busy with their 'personal life' including me so it stayed idle for months. No translation progress and stuff, even our discord channel went haunted tbh. Last month I then called it quits and the team was disbanded, it was me who announced it. I don't see any reason why not.

Few weeks later I found people who are willing to continue the work. So this patch was actually a continuation of the TeamHD patch where I previously collaborated. But with tons of new text translated, I mean, really.. A LOT! Thanks to them for their dedication. It's not entirely perfect, there could still be bugs hanging around and it's your turn to report them in.

  • Before anything else respect to these awesome human beings who help the patch to grow, meow!

    • Hariaka

    • TriZon

    • Xycor

    • GEAR

    • thhup

    • Hino

    • zordan05

    • Tear

    • Coolerice

    • my previous TeamHD members

    • and some who wants to stay hidden

I honestly don't know the lifespan of this patch. It really depends on Tencent just like what they did to the TeamHD patch. Just enjoy the game while you can, a lot of effort went into this patch to see that come into effect. Who knows, maybe this time we might be given a better chance!

This version is very noob friendly(hopefully). The way you run the patch and stuff. Not convinced yet? Okay follow these steps.

Monster Hunter Online English Patch


    • PC running Windows

    • A working Monster Hunter Online game (Check Installation here)

    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 for the patch launcher (if you think you already installed this version then skip it)

    • Should be able to run the patch launcher as Admin

    • Common sense

Monster hunter g wii torrent

Monster Hunter Wii Game


    • Go to our Discord server

    • Visit #english-patch channel. This channel will contain future patch updates

    • Download the file above

    • Extract it somewhere else for easy access

    • run the MHO.exe file (Run as Administrator - RECOMMENDED)

    • Open it and should detect your MHO installation directory. If it isn't, just point it to the right folder. For example X:PC GamesTencentMonster Hunter Online where X is your drive letter

    • If your game is compatible with the patch you should be able to click the Start button

    • Click the START button to start patch hook process

    • If you saw this message on the log window

    Patch hook is ready Start your Monster Hunter Online then you're good to go. Launch MHO and do not close the patch launcher. This is a must, because when you close the app the english patch will be automatically reverted.

What the patch launcher do? it should..

    • patch the game in English (some, but not all)

    • remove/unload the patch when you close it

    • remember your selected MHO directory

    • able to set the auto start patch on load (via option)

    • tell you permission error if any

    • warn you when you try to close it while the game is running

    • warn you when incompatible with the game version

    • should give you status when folder, patch and game is OK

Monster Hunter G


Monster Hunter Frontier English Patch

  • Do I still need to wait for a new patch version if MHO game updated?

    • Definitely yes, please be patient for updates.

  • Does it work with old or latest MHO game version?

    • It's a no. It should match with the latest MHO game, do not run the oldest patch versions unless otherwise notified.

  • Where should I put the patch launcher?

    • Really? just anywhere

  • I can't find the exe file where is it?

    • Extract the file with WinRar, you should be able to see the exe file

  • How can I run the patch?

    • Open it by clicking the .exe file and click Start

  • My patch won't work, I tried everything what's next?

    • Try running it as administrator

  • It ask me to locate the MHO folder should I point it to Tencent folder?

    • No, select the Monster Hunter Online folder or 怪物猎人Online (old installation)

  • It says 'Patch hook is ready' what should I do next?

    • Try to start game and see if the patch is applied

  • Do I need to run the MHO game first?

    • No, you need to enable to patch first via the Patch Launcher

  • My game still running the patch, even though it's incompatible, how should I fix it?

    • if this happens due to a recent PC shutdown or forced kill app. Replace your IIPSFileList.lst with the latest version. It could be corrupted. Ask the community to provide you with a fresh and newly updated .lst then wait for updated patch

  • Do I need to close the patch launcher after I ran MHO?

    • No keep it open

  • I want to revert it back to chinese language

    • Just close the patch launcher and you're good to go

  • Is story translated?

    • H*ll no! Look back up (or below) for an explanation

  • Do you have a translation progress?

    • None atm

  • Some text is still in Chinese, why is that?

    • Simply put, the new team did alot but its still a massive amount of content to translate. If you want to help. Please pm any of the moderators or me so we can update the translates.

  • Will it work longer this time?

    • I honestly don't know it depends

  • Do you accept donations?

    • Yes, you can donate to the following

    • Paypal -

    • Bitcoin - 3BA3JUnXXDyAJSzhtuxBRwV6KLjm81X5ku

  • How should I report a bug?

    • there should be a channel on the discord, we'll follow up this later on

  • I know Chinese & I can translate; how can I help?

    • contact Hariaka/Hari or me from discord channel

  • Can I be a tester?

    • we have enough testers

Monster Hunter World New Patch