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Belongs to Series:MechWarrior 4:Vengeance
Available on:PC
Developer:Cyberlore Studios
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Let's all play Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries together! Download Mechwarrior 4 FREE! I need a download of mtshellmq.dll. The ultimate source of patches & addons for MechWarrior 4: Vengeance. Browse Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries files to download full releases, installer, sdk, patches, mods, demos, and media. In Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries. Start by downloading the Mechwarrior-XC installation file. Download the latest version (0.61 at the time of writing).

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Description of MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries Windows

MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries is a classic “BattleTech” simulation developed by FASA and published by Microsoft in 2002 and re-published in 2010 by MekTek as a free download. Eventually MekTek decided to separate from the franchise.

With the inclusion of Inner Sphere, Clan and MekTek packs, the game gained a huge following. Like its predecessors, it is first person aspect within a “Mech” cockpit. Controls are detailed with the ability customize for gaming comfort. The graphics are solid for the time period. It is best played with a joystick. A game pad will work, but it is not as much fun. Online play was a huge factor and many “clans” participated in online matches. An entire gaming universe was created with the advent of the Astral Dominion League. Clans could win resources, planets and fight for the honor of their clan.

The Story: It’s the year 3066 and you are a MechWarrior for hire. In a galaxy embroiled in war you find your loyalties lie with the highest bidder. Will you fight for House Davion, House Steiner or will you let your bank account decide? As a mercenary you will need to manage your finances, buy, sell and equip your “Mechs”. Nothing is cheap and everything costs you money. Want to make some fast cash? Try your luck on Solaris and see if you can rise to the top of the Solaris Tournament ranks. Here you will, run fight, make temporary alliances and then stab them in the back!

Hey, it’s about the money. In the end will you be rich or broke? It’s a merc’s life.

MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries has the following addons available: MechWarrior 4: Inner Sphere 'Mech Pak and MechWarrior 4: Clan 'Mech Pak, don't miss them!

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How to play MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries Windows

Full game released for free in 2010 without any support. Check these pages to get some help : Atomic Gamer and The Gaming Session.

You may try the following steps:

  1. Download MekTek Version.
  2. Unzip the file to your chosen drive. C:MW4Mercs etc.
  3. Open folder and run under admin mode “autoconfig_MERCS.exe”
  4. Select your video card and graphics setting.
  5. Find MW4Mercs.exe and make a shortcut on your desktop.
  6. Run in admin mode.
  7. Have Fun!

Captures and Snapshots

Comments and reviews

Clan Jade Falcon2019-07-100 point

I do not have step 2. Can someone please help me?

OldGamerGuy2019-05-281 point

I'm trying to unzip and run a game using Windows 7. The game ran on an earlier version of Windows. gives these instructions
1 Download MekTek Version.
2 Unzip the file to your chosen drive. C:MW4Mercs etc.
3 Open folder and run under admin mode “autoconfig_MERCS.exe”
4 Select your video card and graphics setting.
5 Find MW4Mercs.exe and make a shortcut on your desktop.
6 Run in admin mode.
First I downloaded the program named 7Zip
I am not sure if I correctly unzipped the file.
Within the game, there is a Tab for setting Video, but the Screen Resolution drop down button does not do anything
I reached all the way to step six, but the game launches to a black screen
and I get an error message: STOP: You do not have the correct video codec installed to play ContentMoviesmektek_mekpak31_logo.mpeg
It then gives choice buttons: More Details, Continue, Exit
When I choose Continue, the game appears to launch, but the screen is completely black and there is no sound. I may not be waiting long enough.
Sometimes when I click a few times with my mouse, an animated mouse cursor for the game appears on the black screen.
sometimes the black screen then shirnks to about one fourth of my monitor screen, and it appears to be the whole game, but music stutters a bit.
I try to select the option to go full screen, but then, it crashes to black screen again, and I get:
Fatal Error Nested exception - Cause: EnterWindowMode.
Error: You do not have the correct video codec installed to play
ContentMoviesmektek_mekpak31_logo.mpeg at 0x0
The Minimize button works fine, it just won't enlarge to full screen

JF_Fox2019-04-261 point

Come play with us on GameRanger

Nuttawet2019-04-26-2 points

I did all those methods, still doesn't work, same problems.
Maybe make new patch or new update for this game?

blahblahblacksheep2019-04-260 point

If you have Windows use a DPI / Text Scaling setting other then 100%, you'll notice all the MW4 games having an offset screen that seems to be shifted to the lower-right, leaving a black bar on the top, regardless of game screen resolution. (The main menu will look fine, but once you start a mission, like training, the screen has a black bar on top, and hitting ESC has the menu shoved down in the lower right corner. it's still centered on the game screen, but the game screen is offset from your monitor).
Reason.. The MW4 games use fonts (eg: for menus) that are impacted by the Windows DPI / Text Scaling setting. You may have changed the DPI / Text Scaling in order to keep a high resolution (eg 1080) but to scale the fonts up in size so you could read them instead of them looking super small.
You can double-check your DPI / Text Scaling in Win 10 by..
1) right-click desktop
2) Display Settings
3) Change size of text, apps and other items
If it's set to anything higher then 100%, it can cause issues in MW4.
The Work-Around..
1) Right-click the MW4 shortcut on your desktop
2) Properties
3) (tab) Compatability
4) (button) Change High DPI Settings
5) (checkbox) Override high DPI Scaling
6) (dropdown . Scaling Performed By) Application
This will let the Application use whatever DPI / Text Scaling it wants (basically make it use 100% w/o you having to manually set that in the Windows Display Settings.)
Do this to all the shortcuts for the MW4 games you've installed: Vengeance, Black Knight, Mercenaries

Nuttawet2019-04-220 point

When i try to play mech warrior 4 mercenaries on gameranger. It always froze like this:
And then like this:
How to fix this problem?
When i try to install mercpr1 i always get this message:
How to fix this problem?

MekbanditR2019-04-06-1 point

At the Battletech Retro Gaming League we have 2 download links for this both mektek 3.1 patched but one is hd modded as well. check it out in our discord's download link so here is invite link:

Boomerama2019-03-243 points

Download says it will take an hour (which is fine with me) but it doesn't download anything, it just sits there

JF_Fox2019-03-201 point

Play this with us on GameRanger and MechWarrior 4 Vengeance

Markus2019-01-064 points

Followed instructions and everything is working great on my Win10 laptop. Thanks. Using the Logitec Extreme 3D Pro joystick and looks like I can map everything.

Monte2018-12-071 point

Hi all, This was one I never played much and excited to have it working with Win 7. I am having issues figuring out a way to get it in 1080. Mainly because I want to record it. Not finding any good instruction on this. Thanks all ahead of time.

DasAntihero2018-11-261 point

A great game, and my favorite in the series next to MechWarrior 3. Though, unlike 3 this game takes less effort to get working on Windows newer than 98/XP, and you can have a nice WSAD setup with this, too!

foofoo33442018-10-18-1 point

@ROBOMUNKY You are a moron. The instruction on how to get this game to play is already on this page. Look at the section above the snapshots.

Potato Salad2018-09-261 point

Im getting a No File message when trying to download the MekTek version and a Can't Find Video Card message when trying to use the ISO one

SkaIsBlah2018-09-012 points

Am Getting a 'No File ' error when downloading the game

ron2018-04-06-7 points

need a download counter, can't tell if download started or progress.

Volkar2018-02-1718 points

I have posted a detailed guide to getting all Mechwarrior 4 game titles to run on Windows 10 on Reddit. I have tested all versions of the game and they are working on windows 10.

RoboMunky2018-01-28-21 points

'No CD fix' doesn't work, as the problem seems to prevent complete installation. Obviously, I'm wasting my time with this site, as no useful fix seems to be available for the defective software purveyed.

Chralex2018-01-111 point

I had issues running my original copy on windows 10, it did not matter what I did to the installed EXE file it just crashed on start, using the no CD-fix apparently worked for me. You basically just replace the original 'MW4Mercs.exe' file in the install directory with the one downloaded in the 'no CD fix'.
Do note that I already had DirectPlay enabled, I did not need to start it as administrator, and I had run the auto-config tool prior to launching it.
I think that as a kid I played through the game three times, but it seems like I've always taken the Davion path, this time I'm going Steiner and I'm playing missions that I don't even remember, so there was something to come back to.

ij2018-01-09-2 points

Running MekTec on win7 32bit install with vitual clone drive.

RoboMunky2018-01-08-5 points

The game doesn't work. When launched, it freezes and displays the message 'Can't open Resourcetextures.mw4'. It won't run without it, apparently. It seems the download doesn't include this important piece, rendering the game unplayable. Suggestions?

RoboMunky2018-01-02-8 points

Files downloaded, but no idea how to install, with no instructions whatsoever. Did I waste my time downloading this?

Icywarhammer5002017-12-230 point

my favorite rpg first person shooter/third person shooter. i have most games, and those are vengance, black knight, and this one in disk.

Tenno112017-11-17-16 points

Installed on Windows 10 with the 2 .iso disks. Goto play and it keeps asking to insert correct cd-rom and restart the program. How do I fix.

Diablo A Wolff2017-11-09-2 points

I've played this game for many years using the original disc. The disc has developed reading problems that cannot be repaired. I suspect scratches or nicks in the disk. What I have noticed from several attempts to download the game from various websites is the executable file has a virus (Trojan.Gen2) that has been there for over nine years. Most of the virus catchers will catch it and allow it to be exempted. Windows 10 version 107 does not allow it, and deletes it entirely. Even the .rar files will get hit if they are in the download folder. I'm hoping the files from this website are clean and playable. The buggiest downloads were from Clan Coyote's downloads. I informed the WEB master, but have not received a reply yet. Beware.

Joe2017-10-19-1 point

Hi, can someone help me to play it on windows 8.1? Ive unzipped it and whenever I double click or open the mw4mercs.exe file nothing happens. Any help would be appreciated

Spyder0012017-10-130 point

Yes, you can install with out disks.
download - Extract- RUN AutoConfig -

BeardedMallard2017-08-1612 points

Got this running on my Windows 10 workstation.
1. Downloaded the MekTek version
2. Needed to enable Direct Play, this website walks you through how to do it:
3. Right click MW4Mercs.exe, 'Troubleshoot compatibility', used defaults, to get it to run full screen.

grifter422017-08-102 points

how do i get past the needing to install disk 2?

theloaf2017-08-02-7 points

How do I install the Mektek version on windows 10?

Lentulus Batiatus2017-07-263 points

Some notes:
-Mektek version gives you tons more mechs and includes the original content with minimal modifications and slightly better performance. By far the version to grab.
-For the above version, MW4Mercs.exe launches the game.
-You can unpack it anywhere. Heck, you could run it straight off a USB stick and carry that around.. and the game isn't too intensive to worry much about the performance implications of that.
-For windows 10 users, I suggest a run through the compatibility troubleshooter if you have issues.
I've found that any bugs with this game are variable based on what other contents you have on your system, such as driver quirks or other programs. The operating system does not make or break MW4 as I have played it on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 10 without issues.

Saleem Yogi2017-07-17-1 point

I have been playing this game since it started. I even got my son started on this game. This is one awesome game. Please make it compatible with the newer platforms. Y'all will make tons of money and we will have an awesome game to speed throughout the web. The games today that are knockoffs can't come close to the original.

oktober_blitz2017-07-032 points

every time I try to launch it it says 'can not find VideoCard.txt'

Luke_The_Legend2017-05-184 points

I downloaded it, but which file do i select to start the game?

chillycheese2017-05-15-3 points

When I open the exe it just closes itself and doesn't start up

Backoffson2017-05-01-2 points

When I install it, both virtual disks dont work, no app is selected to open it, you know, when the icon is a white page. They are both ISO as you should know, so please help! I need them mounted virtually onto my PC to install mechwarrior4. My old computer works with them, but my new one doesn't, and also a problem I found on my old PC, it tells me to insert disc 2 onto E: which is the first one, moving it or pasting it into the first one cant work because no space. Probaly did it wrong, but I dont know anything!

Backoffson2017-05-01-6 points

Is there a way I can install this without the disks? im using windows 10 direct X12

seif joglo2017-04-050 point

good,very good ilike it

VolkarTheDestroyer2017-02-122 points

Hey guys I used this command line in the shortcut target and it seems to run all my mechwarrior 4 games on windows 10.
-32bit -window -f 1024x768 -gl -GameTime.MaxVariableFps 60 /gosnovideo /gosnojoystick
I posted more detail on how to make this work here:

ilan inglis2017-01-231 point

Just downloaded and unpacked the MekTek download. just unpacked and edited the option notepad file with videodriverindex=-1
works great in a window :)
Thanks new player, admins and up-loaders :)

gabbastu722017-01-100 point

great game i remember from years gone by

Cyrus2017-01-061 point

This game is sick!

gh0s7r1d3r2016-11-072 points

i ran more 'needy' games like skyrim and high ram mmo's on my refurbished laptop w/ windows 10 without problems. hope this is encouraging

michael422016-09-19-5 points

when windows 'improved' after windows 8, the game got 'broken' I was told. which means if u have windows 9 or higher it won't work. game came out 2 early 4 windows 9 or above 2 comprehend and download. Harebrained Schemes is coming out w/Battletech pc game in 2017; i'm personally gonna wait 4 that 2 come out. then we'll have our gaming we all loved back in windows 7 & 8 back. just b patient.

ItsALLhere2016-09-18-1 point

Everything you NEED & need to know about MW4 is at clancoyote (dot) com

nonick2016-09-11-4 points

nothing to say give me a free game!

Jlewis2016-09-10-2 points

It's ironic that when I installed this on my 2k Gaming PC that it works like a charm; but, when I install it on my 2009 HP desktop it won't work lol.

Hika08212016-08-28-3 points

Q: Does the guide in 'The Gaming Session' link actually work? I'm running a Win 10 and running into a lot of problems. Should I follow the guide to a 't'? When even I launch the game I get a message saying I don't have minimum specs, or if i do get into the game, the graphics glitch out at the menu, where I promptly close the program. Any hints? What has worked for everyone else?

mauler882016-08-251 point

Getting a nested exception error, and tried the /gnosvideo and sound. neither worked.
windows 10 radeon r380, 16 gig of ram, tried everything please help?

new player2016-08-081 point

for those who have video glitch, like what some our friend comment previously, please go to 'base' folder, find a notepad named 'option', and change this videodriverindex=-1
goodluck. :)

Eclipsed2522016-08-041 point

Just a tip-- once you have a 'Mech with 3 critical beam/omni slots and enough tonnage, make sure to equip at least one ER PPC. They're lightweight (6-7 tons), have no ammo cost, and can remove almost a ton of armor in a single shot. The only downside is that they generate a LOT of heat, so make sure to save room for a few heat sinks. I typically outfit a Daishi with 2 ER PPC's, an MRM-30, 2 Small Pulse Lasers, and 2 Large Pulse Lasers, saving the rest of the tonnage for missile ammo, armor, heat sinks, and engine power.

The48thRonin2016-06-161 point

Ill try that. Thank you.

number5ISalive2016-06-160 point

@ the48thronin I have win7 64 bit and works fine.
-I downloaded the mektek version
-I used WinRAR to unzip it
-then I played it, no problems.
so try the WinRAR program.

The48thRonin2016-06-15-2 points

Alright, I'm running Win7 64 and I have managed to install the game with VirtualClone but when I try to run the game all I get is a error message stating the program has stopped running. I've tried running in compatibility mode but no dice.

Aiden2016-05-141 point

I had the same problem, I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it and still the same thing. I'm going to try running it in compatibility mode and see if that fixes it. I'd suggest that as well.

VThokie2016-05-120 point

Hey @poopedmypants (lel), I'm using Windows 8 as i still haven't gotten around to updating to 10, I'll try the compatibility mode and see if that works

poopedmypants2016-05-120 point

@vthokie what version of windows u r using?
maybe try compatibility mode?

VThokie2016-05-120 point

Hey so downloading this game is fine however when I run it, after the opening Cinematic the main screen is unreadable and sort of glitchy. anyone else have this problem / know how to fix it? it would be much appreciated. thanks!

jayf782016-04-301 point

@ foster, hey bro can you be a bit more specific about your problem?
if I had to guess I would say you are missing the WinRAR program or
some other program to let you UNZIP the downloaded file.

esf3452016-04-260 point

the mektek version for download is an updated game engine and high quality textures along with both mechpaks which both come with the original mechs when they came out and mechs made by some people at mektek inc., even though everything is the same as back when it became free on the mektek site the only problem is you cant have the resolution fit to your monitor as there are only 3 choices 1024x768, 800x600, and 640x480.

Foster2016-04-230 point

Game wont work on my laptop? i double click the application and it just does nothing :( please help me

plopplopfizzfizz2016-04-23-1 point

@admin, sorry I meant the original MEKTEK, my understanding is there is a better one than the one that is listed and thought you were in the process of uploading,maybe I misunderstood what I was reading in some other peeps posts.

Murderkai2016-04-230 point

I was 5 when I used to play this back in 2008-ish on an old shoddy PC.
The disc was in there when it died so we abandoned it to rot in our garage forgetting about the disc. Now it's 2016 and i'm 12.
For the last month I had been searching the entire house for MW4 since I really wanted to experience the nostalgia again, forgetting it was in the old PC. I then realised last night it was still in the PC. I unscrewed the PC and opened the disc compartment. There it was!
It was the most excited i've been int the last 2 years.
I loaded it into my new PC and installed it. After about 10 minutes it finished.
It was th most disappointed i've been in the last 2 years.
'Installation Successful, Please Insert Disc 2'

Murderkai2016-04-23-2 points

Used to play this when I was 5 on an old MSI computer in 2009. Wow 60GB of hardrive it was amazing. Then the computers capacitors died and we could no longer play it so we abandoned it and left it in our garage. Now it's 2016 and i'm 12. I wanted to play MW4 so I searched the entire house instead of the garage. I was really disappointed after looking for it for a solid week. 1 month later I remembered it was still in the old PC. I looked there, unscrewed the PC and found the disc. I was so excited. Put it into my desktop and installed it. Then I was the most disappointed i've ever been in my entire life. It said 'Installation Complete.. Insert Disc 2' FFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK

admin2016-04-220 point

@plopplopfizzfizz: it's already listed, wtf man

plopplopfizzfizz2016-04-210 point

@ admin...when will the original be uploaded?

jserr22016-04-030 point

It also asks me to insert disc 2 during the install, at 52% it wants disc 2 and won't continue to load.

pasdaslas2016-03-310 point

@vonstar or admin...what is so frigging special about the other MEKTEK version?
can someone please explain???????????

admin2016-03-29-1 point

@Vonstar: will upload the original soon

Vonstar2016-03-290 point

This is the mektek version which I personally have always hated. Wish I could find the original.

twinPRICKS2016-03-070 point can you give us more details?
at what point in the game are u being asked for cd 2 ????????
I don't have any problems playing this at all, never at any point
have I been asked for cd 2 by the game, I play this game on
winxp and win7, maybe try deleting it and reinstalling/unzipping?
do you have another pc u can try it on?

josiah2016-03-010 point

it keeps asking to put in cd 2

leonightus2016-02-240 point

i missed this game and mechassault 2 i cri

pasdaslas2016-02-200 point

@ender_2 , so what exactly do the mektek mech packs add to this already great game? can you go into details for those of us who don't know anything about it.

Ender_22016-02-180 point

Now if only someone could track down the MekTek mech packs. They added so much to the game over the years, but every copy of them that I find now is plagued with viruses.

cocaMOLEaaa2016-02-14-3 points

I really dig this game, I thought mw3 was kinda SHIT , but this one is DA BOMB.
download it and save to a backup drive or dvdrom before gaadam GOG dot COM
get's a hold of it and starts charging people for a game that was once abandonedware.
FU&^%ng gog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SwedishMMachine2016-02-060 point

Works fine on my fully updated Win10 64b. Just run MW4Mercs file, no compatability settings needed on my machine

steveaustin2016-02-060 point

@vekumo...why don't you download it and try then
let us know if it works on win10, it works on my laptop
running win7 acer aspire tf-20 2gb ram radeon3200 graphics card.

Vekumo2016-02-051 point

Has anyone tried this on Windows 10? Does it work?

sad2oe2016-02-040 point

Love this game, really glad its up for free, XDD


46YOvirginMALE2016-02-020 point

i never played this game before, it's fantastic.
thankyou admin.

abc1232016-02-010 point

great game, played it on my xp laptop and my windows7 laptop.

SuperHappyFunTime2016-01-310 point

this game is WHY I PLAY GAMES, if you don't like this then
you are simply not a gamer, plz go find another hobby.
thanks for this sweet one ADMIN.
games games and even more games..who needs a girlfriend anyway.
I feel tired, maybe I should go 2 bed soon?

c++meNOunderstand2016-01-290 point

a really good MechWarrior game.
does anyone here know where I can get more maps
to play on for the skirmish mode?
or is there a way to update game features?
what a GEM this game is to play.

longDADDYlegy2k2016-01-290 point

in my opinion the BEST MechWarrior ever..yeah yeah I know, I know..what about MechWarrior online it looks way better blah blah blah, this looks good enough 4 me, I don't need to be ONLINE to play it, and it has skirmish..the only thing I am missing is MORE MAPS, and I say PHUCK that MECHTEK thing, I don't even know what the hell a mechtek even is.
so download this and be happy-

78ppk782016-01-271 point

so what is that mektek thing and why would I want it anyway?
this game seems good enough without it, it already includes
some editors and stuff so what good is a mektek???????????
-hands can create or they can destroy, plz put your hands to good use-

sumyoungman2016-01-240 point

I love this game, i enjoyed mw2 back in the day, mw3 didn't do much for me but it was ok, but this little sucker is great, I am playing on my acer-win7-64bit.
installed and played without any trouble whatsoever..I am sad to hear that some of my fellow gamers are having trouble getting this up and going..I even tried it
on another laptop running XP without any problems, can't believe this game is

nuclear_afk2016-01-121 point

does it include mektech

Daishi4life2016-01-091 point

I love this game, all of the series, but MW4 mercs is a masterpiece! also, I am running it on Windows 8.1 64 bit, just downloaded it and ran the 'MW4Mercs.exe' (the screen scaled it too big but after I made the thing to use older apps and ran it with the recommended settings it worked perfectly! Sorry 4 my bad english, it is not everyones native language

Jubjub2016-01-021 point

I have the CD with key and I can't get it to work on windows8.1 so this probably won't work either.

Sss2015-10-312 points

Soda pressing there hasn't been a good sequel to this great game :(

Prinz_E2015-10-290 point

loved plying it before my ex threw out my compilation of the mech warrior 4 games mercenaries black knight and vengeance so if this works I will be ecstatic and able to play one of my fav pc games of all time

DKL~Merlin2015-10-170 point to play multiplay (not gameranger).

MaDmAnMaTt2015-10-170 point

It wont r I keep getting this error 'STOP : FAILED (0x80070005 - WINERR_Access is denied. ) - CoCreateInstance(IDirectPlayLobby3A)
Try - (0x00000000)'

Bruh2015-07-10-8 points Windows version


skelo56112015-07-04-5 points Windows version

I tried to download, it says I am missing resourcestextures.mw4. I seem to be missing folders altogether as well, as that folder does not appear in the download.

Vaki2015-06-290 point Windows version

love this game, just wish i had a good controller, would be even better then.
btw if you have video glitchyness just open the options.ini and set videodriverindex=-1

Arn2015-06-290 point Windows version

I like this game

JayDee2015-06-041 point Windows version

works fine,awesome game.worth downloading despite the size.mechcommander2 is also released free,you guys should host it here aswell

Whiskeybottle2015-06-04-4 points Windows version

Hi, I hate to be a bug, but, when I dragged the .exe to my desktop to access the properties and clicked which compatibility to use, I selected Windows 8, but when I tried launching, an error box showed up saying, 'The Procedure * could not be located in the DLL mtshellmq.dll.', If anyone can, please help, I would love to dive into some good old childhood games.

Wilde2015-05-260 point Windows version

The main menu is all distorted and I can't play..please help!!!

ishidai2015-05-17-1 point Windows version

ready for battle

MetalPlague2015-05-080 point Windows version

Nevermind. Readme file says it all. Derp.

MetalPlague2015-05-080 point Windows version

I don't see an installer. How do you install and run this?

admin2015-04-10-2 points Windows version

@Lord_Xarti: these are console games, we don't host console games mate

Lord_Xarti2015-04-09-6 points Windows version

This is a good series but I do not understand why MyAbandonWare does not upload ANY of the Armored Core or even Front Mission games. I love mech battle games and it just seems to be a shame they are not uploaded already. :(

Pancake2015-04-031 point Windows version

How do i open this from my computer??
Sry im 12 ^^

Siphon2015-03-18-1 point Windows version

text is blurred and i cant even make a name in the selection screen.

Big M33k2015-03-07-1 point Windows version

Did't work the first time I downloaded it on windows 8, nothing seemed to load correctly after the game booted

wreck'em2015-01-28-1 point Windows version

If I sees'em I's kill'em

Kanon2015-01-181 point Windows version

Been a fan of Battletech and Mechwarrior since the earliest days that I can remember. MW4 Mercs is a shining example of a phenomenal game in their lineage, and while apocryphal at best, is still a great way to get your fix of battetech.

SpectralWolf2014-12-11-1 point Windows version

I'm not hearing voice audio. Music and sound effects are fine but no orders, lancemate confirmations etc.. Anyone help?

truckling2014-11-26-3 points Windows version

I'm also being asked to insert disk two. any solutions? Free download driver canon mp 558.

Caedis2014-11-221 point Windows version

If it helps, I'm on Windows 8. I wasn't sure what Compatibility mode to run it on.

Caedis2014-11-221 point Windows version

A bit of an odd thing going on. When I try to boot the game, it tells me to insert Disk 2. Any pointers?

Bishop2014-11-14-1 point Windows version

@Manux 323
Just unpack the downloaded file. (you can use a plethora of free software, such as 7-zip) and then put the unpacked folder to the location you need, (program files?) and then when you want to play, start the MW4Mercs.exe that's in the 'base' folder.

Manux3232014-10-180 point Windows version

good game, but, how do I run it?

confused2014-10-09-1 point Windows version

must be a christian,the h word might be hell dunno about d word,dick?

Bishop2014-10-07-2 points Windows version

When ig88 said 'the h-word' or 'the d-word' he meant expletives. swear-words.unclean language. The h and d represent the first letter of such words. Which some try to avoid. This game and it's predecessors are well made and I would recommend playing them, although with caution due to the concerns voiced by ig88.

tforsaken2014-10-06-1 point Windows version

ig88 can i have some of what your taking what the fuck is the h word?

FB2014-10-01-1 point Windows version

What's the 'd-word'? What's the 'H-word'? Your short review would make a lot more sense to me if I knew what you're talking about. Drosophilia? Hamartophobia? Who knows?

ig882014-09-301 point Windows version

this game is very well done. the only 2 problems are it has use of the 'd-word' in some of the levels and some of the mech names have the 'h-word' in them. for the missions, my sugjestion is to turn of the sound and listen to some good techno instead. for the mech names, there is not much youcan do. this game for windos xp, not dos, but it works on windos seven also. somepeapol say it is not abandone ware, but it is nolonger sold by the original company and so i would not wory about it. all in all, I rait it 4 out of 5.

TuntematonSika2014-09-26-1 point Windows version

Yes, just run the .exe in compatability mode (Right Click/Properties)

Chattherat2014-09-12-1 point Windows version

Can i play this game with windows 8?

RickStone2014-09-02-1 point Windows version

I keep having a small problem with this game; after playing about half-way through my last installation of the game (from this same site and download) and from the very start of my current playthrough, the torso slowly aims downward and I can't seem to get it to stop. I have to constantly manually re-adjust the aim which can be quite tricky in the middle of combat. Does anybody know of this problem and how I can fixt it? Thanks!

Ian Dresari2014-07-20-1 point Windows version

WARHAMMER it's a 2002 release

Ash2014-07-14-1 point Windows version

This game was simply superb, it's got everything you'd want in a good mech game, a good degree of customization, and decent enough AI (Both ally and enemy), the game would probably be sold for $20 on GoG if it weren't for legal disputes with MegaMek, which btw, this version is the MegaMek version, which adds an additional 60 or so mechs to pilot! If you have the original, this is pretty much the Deluxe Edition, must have.

keppelectic2014-06-21-1 point Windows version

I have an original copy of this game. When i installed the original, AVG notified me of a Trojan, which i removed and there were no problems at all for me. If anyone is receiving this it might just be an outdated file or so forth. Whilst i have an original, having a 2 year old rub it along the tile floor makes a difference to the install. This copy worked fine for me and i am running Windows 7 - 64 bit, just downloaded and opened MW4Mercs.exe and has been great since then. Still the best Mechwarrior you will ever play!

@{CYT}™Cmeg2014-06-04-1 point Windows version

This IS a playable version of MW4 v3.1 (it IS 3.1 isn't it? TBQH I can't remember). Why should we all go emailing you? How do we know your not going to lump us with an MW4 vPasswordStealKeylogger eh?
Might be worth asking around '' (the only MW4 forum/site left on the whole net) if they know bout this!

@Disapointed2014-06-04-1 point Windows version

I've been playing this download of MW4 for a few months, and not noticed any kind of virus troubles. None of my AV's detect anything. But, now you mention it, I'm sure I've heard other people mention finding this trojan. AFAIK it is a false alarm - it must have some code that has some similarities to one of the well known trojans, and perhaps some cheaper / freeware scanners LQ heuristics misidentify it.

{CYT}™Cmeg2014-05-25-1 point Windows version

If Interested in a playable Free Release of MW4M 3.1 {if you had it before} that we play on GameRanger Daily especially in the Evenings EST with other zones joining in.
Email me: [email protected]
This Dated: 05/23/2014

disapointed2014-05-25-1 point Windows version

the most important file in this whole download is affected with a virus. specifically MW4Mercs.exe, and the name of the virus is TROJ_SPNR.0BF412. This sucks, I've literally tried so many websites and I just want to play this game already. well I guess I'll just enjoy it through youtube videos.

Asso2014-05-24-1 point Windows version

Though the game works fine, one niggle, if you want to make your own maps using the map creator tool provided - you're stuffed! There is a file missing in this installation - 'tctd.exe' - without it the map creator simply won't work - and it is impossible to find this file anywhere else on the net.

Pink Floyd2014-05-21-1 point Windows version

The whole series of Mechwarrrior is timeless. This was the last one and still holds up incredibly well 12 years later. The stand alone Mercenaries series of both 2 and 4 had more to offer than the originals. Lots of options and incredible replat value

hi2014-05-17-1 point Windows version


andisb72014-05-10-1 point Windows version

mechwarrior is the best

madmarc122014-05-090 point Windows version

been looking for this for a while

old dog2014-04-30-1 point Windows version

thanks for making a fan happy

kurt hurts2014-04-20-1 point Windows version

why in hell cvan't I download this game!! your the 5th sight I've tried from!!!!!!

I love you2014-04-18-1 point Windows version

I love you guys, I was looking for this game last 5 hours and I almost lost my faith :-D

Warhammer2014-03-28-1 point Windows version

you cant not using dosbox sonic this game is a 2006 release

IminaMech!2014-03-17-1 point Windows version

I'm in a Mech!

mihai2014-03-16-1 point Windows version

i like game so much here i find the full version i love this site

titotilda2014-03-14-1 point Windows version


gimme2014-03-09-1 point Windows version

the game

Sonic123652014-03-030 point Windows version

how can i play this on mac useing DOSBOX?

YamishanValderis2014-02-11-1 point Windows version

to run MW4:Mercenaries on win vista/7/8 and winxp with the later .net frameworks sometimes u need to add commandline arguments to the exe shortcut to disable functions i know i myself had to use /gosnojoystick there are others like /gosnovideo etc etc try finding the list and going through it before u start screaming that its a crap download thats wasted space

ted2014-01-15-1 point Windows version

wow GOG cool thanks for sharing

LELE2014-01-08-1 point Windows version

hey how to play this game hah??

ThatGuy2013-11-29-1 point Windows version

He/She didn't ask for anything tho :C

joshmasterjosh2013-10-01-1 point Windows version

You can't use this by dragging the zip file over to the dos box. You have to add manually and it has to be a windows profile through d-fend reloaded, not a dosbox profile. You have to navigate into the 'base folder' inside the mechwarrior 4 folder and find your exe file. Good luck.

Cartortus2013-09-26-1 point Windows version

I downloaded both MechWarriors and D-Fend, i tried extracting with defend, but it told me it didnt have executable files. what did i do wrong?

admin2013-08-16-1 point Windows version

@ M.Molli : check the fucking links I put above the screenshots before asking

M.Molli2013-08-15-1 point Windows version

Download was perfect.
Took about 15 to 20 minutes for me.

Balkoth2013-08-12-1 point Windows version

Awesome, thanks a ton.
Just download the game and then extract the entire folder someplace (like your Desktop or Programs folder). Really simple to install and play.

MadCat182013-08-10-2 points Windows version

Wtf is this crap? i wasted an hour of downloading and space on my laptop and for what? This game doesnt work. if someone can walk me through it, i'll try it again. but for now, its crap. 1 star

Honisgrave2013-05-230 point Windows version

I Down loaded this file twice, 1st time it said it wasnt a ziped file and the second time, when I put it into D-Fend reload it says that the file doesnt contain any executable files, so it wont run after being unpacked, bit of a
waste of 3.5 gig of download!! If you have a solution please email me.
[email protected]

UzY3L2013-05-21-1 point Windows version

Great upload! Thank you very much for this!

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