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Darkness has descended upon Parthoris again. I fear that this time there shall be no one to lift the damp veil that has blanketed my beautiful homeland. The plague struck quickly, and it was not until too many were infected that anyone took notice of the creeping death. Now, city streets are filled with the noxious green plague vapors that cause insanity and then death to any that are unfortunate enough to inhale it. Most are warped and twisted into a blood-crazed rage that drives them to assault nearly any that they encounter. My people have fared better than the Sidhe, but even those noble beings have regressed into mindless barbarism. Perhaps I will be able to find some means to cure this terrible nemesis that has befallen my homeland. If not, I fear all will be lost.

The Plot:

In Heretic II, you're Corvus, an elf-type-man. After killing the Serpent Rider in Heretic, Corvus returns from his banishment to Silverspring, your home, where he finds that a mysterious plague has swept the land of Parthoris, taking the sanity of those it does not kill. Corvus, the protagonist of the first game, is forced to flee his hometown of Silverspring after the infected attack him, but not before he is infected himself. The effects of the disease are held at bay in Corvus’ case because he holds one of the Tomes of Power, but he still must find a cure before he succumbs.

His quest leads him through the city and swamps to a jungle palace, then through a desert canyon and insect hive, followed by a dark network of mines and finally to a castle on a high mountain where he finds an ancient Seraph named Morcalavin. Morcalavin is trying to reach immortality using the seven Tomes of Power, but he uses a false tome, as Corvus has one of them. This has caused Morcalavin to go insane and create the plague.


Besides being able to run, jump, swim and having a lot more other acrobatic skills, Corvus has also some special tricks up his sleeve. In critical situations he can rely on a wide range of magical equipment. The game offers you nine attack and six defensive weapons and spells all of which have their special properties. You can restore the life and magic power (mana) you spend during the game by collecting different magic items you will find on your way.


'Heretic II.iso zipped' Is the full CD Version of Heretic II. A (Bootable HERETIC_II CD install.iso) of the game with all 'Mods, maps, textures, skins, models, skys, etc.. provided in the download links below.

*Mods: (Siege, THF, Tmod, Grinbots, Skullhunters, and instagib, etc..). Read all the install instructions.

Checkout some of the 'Heretic II Multiplayer Map photos (640x480)' in the map photo folder provided.


Heretic II online communities can be found on the Raven-Games Facebook Group and on the Heretic 2 Community Cloud (also Facebook).

External links


How to play Heretic II Windows

Some advice on running Heretic 2 on modern systems can be found here: The Heretic II Enhancement Pack v1.07 is available in the downloads.

Detailed instructions for playing Heretic 2, using the large ISO version, is provided in the downloads.

Captures and Snapshots

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Comments and reviews

xaGe2019-09-100 point Windows version

CORVUS: FYI Googledrive download link:
'Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.'

katie08ts2019-09-050 point Windows version

Heretic II / get cd or iso, for 64 bit and 7/10 use otvdm you have to extract this program where you want and click on otvdmw look for the setup file from the cd in setup / setup.exe, download the Heretic II Enhancement Pack v1.07 from extract and replace in the game folder, inside you will find nglide to install (if you already have nglide do not install it) advice in the game to select opengl 32 for graphics and use the file H2Resolution to set the resolution of the game

Gabe2019-05-210 point Windows version

Is it possible to change hardware render option?

Corvus2019-05-063 points Windows version

You can get the full game already updated to the latest version, etc.. at either of these links below.
Heretic II pre-installed+updated (2.57 gb) iso.
Download from 'GoogleDrive online' website (size: 2.57gb)
Googledrive download link:
My 'Heretic II pre-installed+updated' torrent at Piratesbay:
Heretic II Single-player, Multiplayer size: (2.57GB) iso. A pre-installed/updated version of Heretic II).
Heretic II Single-player, Multiplayer Game: [PC] [ENGLISH] [FULL] Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7-10.
What's included: In the 'Heretic II_Single-player_Multiplayer.iso'
1) This is the full CD Version of Heretic II already installed and updated to the latest version and with all the latest maps, etc..
2) Heretic II 'CloneCD' CD-ROM bootable image that you can burn on a blank disc (English version) for Windows XP/Vista and Windows 7,8,10).
3) Video Monitor Resolution tweaks.
4) Spirit Shrine Official Heretic II Walkthrough.
5) Heretic II 'Heretic II 'English to German, Spanish or Russian translation' Game Menu_fix.
6) Heretic_II Manual.pdf
7. 144 maps that have bot routes for Heretic II - DM + FFA maps + Emod + Tmod + routes to play with bots.
GameSpy3D can be found in the Heretic II folder named 'gamespy'. Click on the 'gamespy.exe' to start gamespy3D.
* Important:
* Note: You must Allow Heretic II and Gamespy through the Windows firewall to play online.
* Note: you must restart the computer afterwards to allow Heretic II and Gamespy through the Windows firewall to work.
* Router UDP/TCP Ports to open (27900, 28900, 28910 and 28911)
* Make sure in the 'Video Menu settings' that 'paletted textures' is turned on.

the unseen2019-04-230 point Windows version

Corvus: Thanks man much appreciated.

TimeStreamer2019-01-232 points

Game doesn't start with WIndows 10. Crash.

Corvus2019-01-213 points Windows version

If you just want to download a pre-installed/updated version of Heretic II (H2), or give it to someone else so they can download it.. here is the link below: Note: This file is already included in the iso provided.
'Heretic II Single & Multiplayer.iso' is a copy of the game already installed and updated to the latest version with all the maps, etc.. Also, Included in the iso is a copy of the original Heretic II CD-ROM which you can burn onto a blank cd-rom disc.
size: (2.57GB)
*Note: The zip file is too big to preview. Just click on the down arrow at the top right to download the zip file.
download link:
Now just open the iso. and unzip the '' to your 'C:Program Files' for Windows XP/Vista or to 'C:Program Files (x86)' if you are using Windows 7/10.
This is the full CD Version of Heretic II already installed and updated to the latest version and with all the latest maps, etc..
1. The full CD Version of Heretic II ( This single/multiplayer game includes: all the latest maps and the Mods (THF, Tmod and Emod) which are mods with bots.
just unzip the '' file and move it into the correct Windows directory.
'C:Program FilesHeretic II' for Windows XP/Vista or 'C:Program Files (x86)Heretic II' if you are using Windows 7/10.
*Note: The (h2) Heretic has already been updated with the 'Heretic II Enhancement Pack v1.06 and win2kserverfix' and is provided in case you ever need to re-install from the CD_ROM.
Now you have the original Heretic II already installed and updated to the latest version and with all the latest maps, and Mods, etc.. installed on your computer.
*NOTE: browse your 'h2' directory for 'Heretic2.exe' and create a shortcut on your desktop so you can click on it to start the game easily.
*IMPORTANT: Read the 'Info' folder and 'Important readme folder' text files provided.
2. First, burn the cloned Heretic II cd-rom bootable image onto a blank disk. Note: This is the 'CloneCD heretic II' found in the iso file.
In order to enable the music in Heretic II you must BURN the game on a CD instead of mounting
it on a virtual drive. Also you must disable all virtual drives provided by Daemon Tools / Virtual
CloneDrive or other emulation software and instead play the game with your burned copy of Heretic II
in your CD/DVD-ROM, otherwise you will only get voice and sound effects within the game but NO MUSIC.
Note: If you wish to use one of the other Video Monitor Resolution 'Quake2.dll' fixes provided it is important that you first burn the 'CloneCD heretic II image'
provided onto a blank CD-ROM which is needed in order to use them and listen to music, etc..
Readme files included:
Heretic II setup readme
Heretic II CloneCD-ROM bootable image install readme
Heretic II CD-ROM install instructions readme
Online Multiplayer settings readme - What you need to do 'TO PLAY MULTIPLAYER ONLINE'.
NOTE: The game runs fine as is, but, if you wish to use one of the other monitor fixes then it requires the Heretic II cd-rom to be in the cd drive, except for the heretic2.v106-1280x1024-video.tweak(final).
So it is a good idea to burn the clonedHeretic II cd-rom bootable image on a blank disk.
Video Monitor Resolutions tweaks included in the zip file located in the 'Heretic II update install files' folder:
Also, provided in the 'Heretic II Singleplayer & Multiplayer Game.iso'
124 blade maps and 111 DM deathmatch maps, as well as, 34 of the latest new maps made this year.
Spirit Shrine Official Heretic II Walkthrough with photos.
Heretic II Manual.pdf
9LegYak's Heretic II Abode website download link to the New single-player add-on for Heretic II.
The Heretic Fortress THF Mod comprehensive guide.
Information on How to setup a server.
Heretic II:
* Minimum Requirements:
300 Mhz Pentium II or equivalent processor
128 MB RAM
16 MB DirectX 8-compatible D3D video card
16-bit DirectX 8-compatible sound card
250 MB free hard drive space (410 MB needed during installation)
Windows compatible keyboard and mouse Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP
DirectX 6 or higher
Internet Connection

Crow2018-11-250 point Windows version

Just downloaded Heretic II, I bought this game years ago and never managed to finish it, I guess I may have another chance :-)
Thank you

Bob Marley2018-10-070 point

Running into a blade match server and treating everyone like a free for all was hilarious in the old days

eww344452018-08-291 point Windows version

One problem I that I had getting it to run, was that after following the directions, it just wouldn't open at all.
I found someone mentioning that it needed to be near C:, but I had it about 6 folders deep. As soon as I moved the folder, it worked great.
Here is where I found that mentioned:

Toko2018-08-291 point

Does anyone have an actual ISO file and not a MDF/S version?


3gb version
Everything is where it should be
Start tutorial model
'Heretic II must be in CD drive to play'
Does anyone know how to get around this please?

Red_Fist2018-05-01-1 point Windows version

I played Heretic but not sure I played Heretic 2. Using win7 pro 64 bit, Intel i7. I only installed the non enhanced version, but ran the 3DFX driver from it and got it to work quite well. The only problem is running a saved game after you quit the game. It will run the saved game if I stay in the game.
However, if you have the 'Entering' a level that it saves, will run, after I do that I then run my old saved game. I cannot get the enhanced version to run at all, it exits right away.

ggggg2018-02-190 point Windows version

it opens and everything i am so close but it pops up all gray and says textures not found

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midnightrizer2018-02-18-2 points

windows 10 does not have ME 98 Compatibility mode those are 16 bit systems not even xp compat mode which is 32 bit geez people most of these old games wIll not touch windows 10 period. run a xp computer and use compat mode for 98 but do not expect windows 10 to help you and if you have 64 bit forget it you are SOL

Sport2017-09-031 point Windows version

For just patches for Heretic II you need both of these below. One is the Enhancement packv1.06 which can be found on 'FilePlanet for Heretic II game. The other patch was more of an Windows XP-Windows 10 'quake2.dll' fix for playing on other Windows versions other than Windows 95, which is what everyone used when the game first came out. (The orginal fix for Heretic II) or the 'H2 1440x900' fix for Heretic II under Windows XP (service pack2) settings for compability mode.
There are still 'Heretic II' forums on 'Facebook' that have been around for ages where you can post your questions.

dekent2017-08-261 point Windows version

Some may hate the fact that this is 3d when its predecessor was an fps, but I have unbelievably fond memories of running around in godmode and obliterating all kinds of monsters. Would recommend.

Gojhu2017-08-021 point

I was and still a die-hard fan of Heretic Ii although now old.

josh j2017-04-16-2 points

played a demo of this few years back ran ok on 7.
very odd not much of a sequel more an arbitrary evolutionary spin off.
the hexen sequel was not very good either but at least was more inline.
all pretty lame heretic was a good fps classic deserves a better lineage.

RajAgni2016-11-263 points

This is the best game of the Heretic/Hexen saga.
It would be awesome if some day they lauch heretic 3

Wanwo2016-11-252 points Windows version

Works great on Win10 64 bit!
Here's some detailed instructions if you're having trouble.
1. Download the main file and fix file to the desktop. Get the manual file too (good lore in there).
2. These are zip files. They might just unzip when you click on them. If they don't get a unzip program like WINRar. Unzip them to the desktop.
3. In the main file, drill down and you'll see two files, a large mdf file and a small mds file. You need to mount the small mds file. I use Daemon Tools Lite. It's a matter of opening Daemon Tools Lite, and I choose 'Quick Mount', point to the small mds file and click Open. That file is now mounted as a drive in My Computer.
4. Open My Computer and you'll see the Heretic II as a drive. Right Click = Open.
5. Go into the 'setup' folder and you'll see the SETUP (application file). Click on that and the game will install.
6. After installation and before you play the game, install the fix. This comes from the other zip file. It's a single file called quake2.dll. Extract the file and place it in the directory in which you installed the game on your C drive (or wherever). If you chose the default it will probably be
C:Program Files (x86)Heretic II
Windows will ask you if you wish to replace the existing file of the same name Yes
Game runs perfectly.

theheretic2016-10-204 points Windows version

Game works on windows 10. Just make sure to use the fix and run this in compatibillity mode with windows 98/me also make sure to run this with administration rights.

npatel2016-07-04-6 points Windows version

There is no installer or an .exe file in this huge download, it has just 2 files in a zip folder. These files are .mdf extension and it does not run at all.

acee2016-05-202 points Windows version

I play on linux (Wine tool)

WildBluntHickok2015-12-051 point Windows version

Fix doesn't work (windows 8.1). Is it region-specific? Because I'm using my physical disc rather than downloading the disc image.

newgamer2015-12-030 point Windows version

hi , The fix basically has a quake dll file . I have nowhere to 'replace' any file. and it says it is not compatible with 64 . what to do.?

raj2015-10-141 point Windows version

doesnt it work in windows 10?

Tyreael2015-10-074 points Windows version

Hi, i'm on Seven 64 and it's works perfectly. Don't just run the automatic installer.
Go in Heretic II Setup Setup.exe
And the installation will works.

OUTraged2015-08-12-18 points Windows version doesnt even look like Heretic at all. Not to mention its third person and not first person. Why did they butcher the sequels to these? Even Hexen 2 was terribly made. Hexen 2 just looked like a Quake mod, it had the exact same gfx as Quake. So bad..I wouldn't be caught dead playing this disgrace.

D2015-07-190 point Windows version

Crack Download Manager

Thanks working on W 7 64
If it Crashes on you watch the intro do Not Skip it
ps you might want to change your screen settings on your windows

Sport2015-07-150 point Windows version

Does running in Compatibility Mode and, or, with Aministration rights when installing help?

camel2015-06-081 point Windows version

Works perfectly on Windows 8.1 64bit.
You just need to keep in mind that you also need to apply the fix for Windows to play. You can download the fix with the instalation files.
After installing Heretic 2 unpack the folder containing the fix for playing on Windows inside the instalation directory of Heretic 2. When it asks if you want to replace the current files with the new ones press yes and you are good to go.
Heretic 2 is an awesome game. Have fun.

dogpuke2015-05-213 points Windows version

Get an error says that it won't run in Windows 8.1 64-bit

workgam2015-04-300 point Windows version

its work?

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  • Year:2002
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