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Hi everyone,

To remove the hassle of checking reddit for the new English patches and to facilitate getting the latest one I present to you BDO - English Please, an English patcher for BDO JP, KR and RU.

How to use it:

  1. Simply download the installer or the zip archive below and install/unzip all file to a directory of your choice.

  2. Run BDO - English Please.exe either by double clicking the executable or by using the shortcut on your desktop (after installing).

  3. Select your language at the bottom left (automatically done if you only have one version installed) and hit Apply Patch.

  4. Profit.

  5. After each game update repeat steps 2-4


Additional Links

Full English patch (Alpha) for KR, JP and RU servers. All the patches distributed by this patcher are created by MuxaHuk. Definitely check out his reddit post.

For bugs, suggestions, etc please leave a comment below and I'll be looking to fix them asap.


  1. Q: I get the error 'Unable to create download directory!' or 'Download failed'.

A: Try running it as admin. (Especially on Win8) you might not have permission to create a directory or to connect to the internet for the download. 2. Q: My Antivirus tells me this program is trying to harm my computer.

A: Feel free to download AutoIt and the source code using the link above, look over the code and compile it yourself. 3. Q: My game closes immediately before the game start screen after applying this patch.

A: This means the English patch hasn't been updated to the latest game patch yet. Try again in a few hours to give MuxaHuk some time to translate the missing strings. 4. Q: I can't find the buttons to select the language.

A: If you only have one version of BDO installed you will only see one language and an 'Add' button. Check this image for the possible options. Also, you need to have at least one version of BDO installed already..


Edit: Added source for people who want to look at really sloppy, uncommented code.

Special Force Patch Download

Edit2: Added the FAQ

Yu-gi-oh Tag Force 6 English Patch Download