Creative Sound Card Driver Emu10k1x Dbq Free Download


Download the latest drivers for your Creative EMU10K1 Audio Processor (WDM) to keep your Computer up-to-date. Creative Labs Drivers Audio Drivers Sound Card Drivers. Download the latest version of Creative Emu10k1x dbq drivers. Windows drivers available for free download.

Supported Models



Creative Technology, Ltd.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98SE, Windows 98, Windows 95

File Name (23.3 MB)


(2002-03-18) via .inf (2002-07-24) via .inf
Download driver pci device hp 431.

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Uploader Notes

After tons of searching, I finally found the driver for the OEM SB0220 card. Should work greay with anyone who has a 5.1 digital card. Worked for me without issue. Post if it works/doesn't work for you.

Uploaded By

Adrian Hunter (DG Member) on 15-May-2004

Most Helpful Reviews

26 of 28 people found the following review helpful:
3 Jan 2009
(21 minutes after download)

'Yes, it is missing the setup.exe file, so you just start the hardware wizard and point to the directory (XP for me). I had a very lengthy negative experience trying to get stuff from creative's web site to work; this thing worked right away.'
19 of 21 people found the following review helpful:
7 May 2006

'Driver works great with SB0220 sound card. Creative Labs should be ashamed for not making drivers available for download.'
20 of 23 people found the following review helpful:
1 Nov 2008
(47 minutes after download)
Creative sound card driver emu10k1x dbq free download

'download & install was very simple , works great . thank you'
4 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
27 Nov 2005

'this driver does not work on the sb0220 with chip

emu10k1-jff my SB driver cd has a more compatable driver than this one, but for some reason installing on win 98 se, midi synth dont get detected properly.'

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
27 Mar 2006

'This worked but seemed to install the driver only without all the supporting software. To enable SPDIF passthrough i also had to download another 'driver' from here, and that install added a lot more control software.'
14 Dec 2015
(28 minutes after download)

'Windows XP could not extract this file. 7-zip could not extract this file. WinZip versions 90, 150 and 190 could not open it. IT'S PROBABLY A VIRUS.

I suggest when you are downloading drivers off the internet to keep backing up with system images made by Clonezilla and kept on a Memory Stick. When you open a bad one just wipe your drive and put the good image back on i

9 Jul 2019
(23 minutes after download)

'First driver of those I tried (MANY !) to successfully install on Windows 2000 Professional with the following sound card:

Creative SoundBlaster SB0220 (the code 0220 is printed on the card itself).

identified by KNOPPIX lspci command (with options to show more details):

Multimedia audio controller [0401]

Creative Labs SB LIve! Emu10k1 [1102:0002] rev 0a.

22 Jul 2015
(32 minutes after download)

'Downloaded driver but it hasn't worked so far; the computer still says 'No driver found for this device'. There was also a virus in the download, which my antivirus stopped. Maybe the driver needs the virus to work?'

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Supported Devices

Creative Audigy Audio Processor

ManufacturerCreative Technology, Ltd.
Hardware Ids
Compatible Hardware IdsNo Compatible Hardware Ids found.

Creative Audigy Audio Processor (WDM)

Hardware Ids
Compatible Hardware Ids

Creative Audigy Gameport

ManufacturerCreative Technology, Ltd.
Hardware Ids
Compatible Hardware IdsNo Compatible Hardware Ids found.

Creative EMU10K1 Audio Processor

ManufacturerCreative Technology, Ltd.
Hardware Ids
Compatible Hardware Ids

Creative EMU10K1 Audio Processor (WDM)

Hardware Ids
Compatible Hardware Ids

Creative EMU10K1 Gameport

Creative Sound Card Driver Emu10k1x Dbq Free Download

ManufacturerCreative Technology, Ltd.
Hardware Ids
Compatible Hardware Ids

Creative Game Port

Hardware Ids
Compatible Hardware Ids

Creative Joystick Emulation

ManufacturerCreative Technology, Ltd.
Hardware Ids
Compatible Hardware Ids

Creative SB16 Emulation

ManufacturerCreative Technology, Ltd.
Hardware Ids
Compatible Hardware IdsNo Compatible Hardware Ids found.

Driver Contents File List

The following files are found inside the driver download file.

Drivers/THK3216.dll49.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/CtSpkHlp.dll28.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/ac3api.dll53.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/commonfx.dll110.6 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/CTASIO.DLL106.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/kill.ini180 bytes14 Jun 2002
Drivers/COMMON/DevReg.dll94.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/PSConv.exe184.3 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/ctdlang.dat164.0 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/RegPLib.exe36.9 KB28 Jun 2001
Drivers/COMMON/EAXAC3.DLL77.8 KB11 Jul 2001
Drivers/COMMON/piaproxy.dll110.6 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/ctsblfx.dll643.1 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/CTDV10K2.CDF3.7 MB15 Nov 2001
Drivers/COMMON/CTSTATIC.DAT179.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/default.sfm59 bytes3 Jan 2002
Drivers/COMMON/ReadReg.exe176.1 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/DEFAULT.ECW2.3 MB22 Sep 1999
Drivers/COMMON/CTDAUGHT.DAT44.1 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/default8.sfm59 bytes3 Jan 2002
Drivers/COMMON/ctagent.dll57.3 KB13 Mar 2002
Drivers/COMMON/sfman32.dll36.9 KB17 Aug 2001
Drivers/COMMON/EditInf.ini92 bytes26 Jul 2001
Drivers/COMMON/CTDVAUDY.CDF3.2 MB2 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/CT2MGM.SF22.2 MB22 Sep 1999
Drivers/COMMON/openal32.dll135.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/mididef.exe61.4 KB14 Jan 2002
Drivers/COMMON/killapps.exe49.2 KB21 Sep 2001
Drivers/COMMON/default4.sfm59 bytes3 Jan 2002
Drivers/COMMON/ctemupia.dll36.9 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/CTOSUSER.DLL155.6 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/CT1MGM.ROM1.0 MB25 Feb 2000
Drivers/COMMON/EditInf.exe24.6 KB26 Jul 2001
Drivers/COMMON/cteapsfx.dll196.6 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/CTDV10K1.CDF3.4 MB2 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/cthelper.exe24.6 KB2 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/CTDPROXY.DLL106.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/sfms32.dll270.3 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/CTDEVCON.DLL319.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/COMMON/A3D.dll65.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/instwdm.dll102.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/ctbasicw.dat113.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/ctljystk.cat7.6 KB27 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/ctoss2k.sys195.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/ctdlang.dat164.0 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/SBLive.ICO4.4 KB22 Oct 2001
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/CTSTATIC.DAT179.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Audigy.bmp1.9 KB13 Nov 2001
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/ctbas2w.dat113.3 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/wdma_emu.inf29.5 KB24 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/emupia2k.sys156.6 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/DEFAULT.ECW2.3 MB22 Sep 1999
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Live.bmp3.1 KB22 Oct 2001
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/CTDAUGHT.DAT44.1 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/ctljystk.inf2.8 KB18 Mar 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/ctac32k.sys127.9 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/sfman32.dll36.9 KB17 Aug 2001
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0103w.dat220.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ct0060w.dat220.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0238w.dat210.9 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp1140w.dat219.1 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp4670w.dat218.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0162w.dat212.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0230w.dat212.9 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0192w.dat212.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctpdxw.dat220.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0161w.dat211.3 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctpm002w.dat219.1 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctsbas2w.dat211.1 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp4790w.dat217.9 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0090w.dat212.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp4830w.dat218.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp4832w.dat218.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp4840w.dat217.9 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0095w.dat210.0 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp4872w.dat218.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0102w.dat220.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0191w.dat211.3 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp4890w.dat217.9 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0073w.dat236.9 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0101w.dat220.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp4891w.dat217.9 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0060w.dat220.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0105w.dat220.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0100w.dat220.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp4871w.dat218.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp4760w.dat218.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0092w.dat212.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp4831w.dat218.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0232w.dat212.9 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp4893w.dat217.9 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0221w.dat221.6 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0150w.dat217.9 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp4820w.dat215.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp4850w.dat218.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0231w.dat211.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp4780w.dat218.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/cteapsw.dat194.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctsbasw.dat218.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0061w.dat220.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp4620w.dat218.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0222w.dat221.6 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp4870w.dat218.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0070w.dat236.9 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp0091w.dat211.3 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/Data/ctp4875w.dat218.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/wdma_emu.cat15.8 KB27 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/ctprxy2k.sys11.1 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/ctsfm2k.sys213.9 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/ha10kx2k.sys998.0 KB24 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/SBAudigy.ico7.4 KB17 Aug 2001
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/ctaud2k.sys837.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/WIN2K_XP/A3D.dll65.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/LANG/CTBRZ.DAT169.0 KB19 Jun 2002
Drivers/LANG/inResIta.dll20.5 KB3 Jan 2002
Drivers/LANG/inResSpn.dll20.5 KB20 Dec 2001
Drivers/LANG/CTDUT.DAT166.9 KB20 Jun 2002
Drivers/LANG/inResCht.dll20.5 KB17 Dec 2001
Drivers/LANG/CTGER.DAT165.9 KB19 Jun 2002
Drivers/LANG/CTFRN.DAT168.8 KB19 Jun 2002
Drivers/LANG/Ctkor.dat164.0 KB16 Jul 2002
Drivers/LANG/inRes.dll20.5 KB4 Jun 2002
Drivers/LANG/inResGer.dll20.5 KB3 Jan 2002
Drivers/LANG/inResChs.dll20.5 KB17 Dec 2001
Drivers/LANG/inResjpn.dll16.4 KB10 Jan 2002
Drivers/LANG/Ctcht.dat159.0 KB3 Jul 2002
Drivers/LANG/InresKor.dll20.5 KB14 Jul 2002
Drivers/LANG/inResDut.dll20.5 KB3 Jan 2002
Drivers/LANG/inResFrn.dll20.5 KB20 Dec 2001
Drivers/LANG/CTITA.DAT169.5 KB19 Jun 2002
Drivers/LANG/Ctchs.dat159.0 KB3 Jul 2002
Drivers/LANG/inResBrz.dll20.5 KB20 Dec 2001
Drivers/LANG/Ctjpn.dat159.9 KB13 Jun 2002
Drivers/LANG/CTDCRES.dll49.2 KB4 Jun 2002
Drivers/LANG/CTSPN.DAT169.3 KB19 Jun 2002
Drivers/Ctzapxx.ini29 bytes19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NTSetup.dll77.8 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/CTAC3.VXD109.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/EMUPIA.VXD161.9 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/CTSYN.DRV4.0 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Emu10kx.inf7.8 KB24 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/ctbasicv.dat125.8 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/ctdlang.dat164.0 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/CTOSSRV.VXD104.1 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/CTSTATIC.DAT179.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/EMU10KX.VXD1.3 MB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/ctbas2v.dat125.8 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/DEFAULT.ECW2.3 MB22 Sep 1999
Drivers/98SE_ME/CTMM.DRV4.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/CTDAUGHT.DAT44.1 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0100v.dat214.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0101v.dat214.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0232v.dat215.8 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp4890v.dat211.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0073v.dat239.9 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp4832v.dat212.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp4891v.dat211.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0095v.dat213.0 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp4790v.dat211.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/cteapsv.dat191.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp4830v.dat212.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0102v.dat214.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0192v.dat215.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp4875v.dat212.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp4872v.dat212.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp4870v.dat212.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0150v.dat211.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0061v.dat214.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctsbas2v.dat214.1 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctpm002v.dat212.6 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp4831v.dat212.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0222v.dat215.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0221v.dat215.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp4760v.dat212.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0091v.dat214.3 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp4780v.dat212.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0162v.dat215.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0060v.dat214.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp4820v.dat218.3 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0090v.dat215.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0238v.dat213.9 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0105v.dat214.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp4871v.dat212.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp4893v.dat211.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp4850v.dat212.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0103v.dat214.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp4620v.dat212.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp4840v.dat211.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0191v.dat214.3 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctsbasv.dat213.3 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0092v.dat215.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0231v.dat214.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0230v.dat215.8 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp1140v.dat212.6 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctpdxv.dat214.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0070v.dat239.9 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp0161v.dat214.3 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ctp4670v.dat212.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/Data/ct0060v.dat214.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/CTWT.DRV4.0 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/SB16.inf1.1 KB9 Mar 2001
Drivers/98SE_ME/CTSFMAN.VXD162.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/98SE_ME/CTSB16.VXD54.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/ctaudnt.sys938.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/ctac3nt.sys128.8 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/emupiant.sys156.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/ctbasicn.dat113.3 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/ctprxynt.sys11.1 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0061n.dat198.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp4872n.dat196.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/cteapsn.dat175.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0103n.dat198.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0100n.dat198.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp4830n.dat196.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp4820n.dat202.5 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp4870n.dat196.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0162n.dat199.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0191n.dat198.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp4875n.dat196.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0105n.dat198.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp4670n.dat196.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0232n.dat200.1 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0150n.dat195.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0090n.dat199.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp4891n.dat195.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctsbas2n.dat198.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0060n.dat198.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp4780n.dat196.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0161n.dat198.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp4893n.dat195.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp4760n.dat196.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0091n.dat198.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp4890n.dat195.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0070n.dat224.1 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0092n.dat199.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp4840n.dat195.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0222n.dat199.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0073n.dat224.1 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0101n.dat198.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0095n.dat197.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp4832n.dat196.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp4831n.dat196.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp4850n.dat196.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0238n.dat198.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0102n.dat198.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp4620n.dat196.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ct0060n.dat198.3 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctpm002n.dat196.9 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0230n.dat200.1 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctsbasn.dat196.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp4790n.dat195.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0231n.dat198.9 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0221n.dat199.4 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp1140n.dat196.9 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctpdxn.dat198.3 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp0192n.dat199.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Data/ctp4871n.dat196.2 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/ctsfmnt.sys219.1 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/ha10kxnt.sys1.0 MB24 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/ctossnt.sys519.0 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/E10kxnt.ini551 bytes3 Jan 2002
Drivers/NT40/ctbas2n.dat113.3 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/NT40/Ctmmnt.dll57.3 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/CTZAPXX.exe176.1 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/ADDON/REGSVR32.EXE37.1 KB28 Dec 2000
Drivers/ADDON/MSVCRT.DLL290.9 KB28 Dec 2000
Drivers/UPDDRV9X.DLL53.0 KB19 Jul 2002
Drivers/Emu10kx.ini37.7 KB19 Jul 2002
Creative sound card driver emu10k1x dbq free download

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